Las Cabezas de San Juan

Sunflower Fields on our way to LebrijaReaching LebrijaMud Everrywhere

Hello everybody:-)

Just a quick hello from this lovely town after our first cycling day on our way from el Puerto de Santa Maria(Andalusia in Spain) towards Innsbruck(Austria).

We did a wonderfull 68km long bike ride today and are very very tired now…but very happy too.

Everything went well, We even got a wonderfull vegan/ vegetarian lunch menu at Lebrija (incredibly nice and flexible cook at “Bar el Casino” for only 8 Euros…highly recommendable!!!) at a sunny terrace. We were lucky with the moderate weather (24-27 degrees and cloudy), had an amazing landsacaped route (big THANK YOU to Paco our private tour guide… see the pic below, where he showed us our first track without luggage 2 days before starting, to make sure ,we had a good start and would find our way in the right direction;-)Sorry if the spelling is horrible tonight but I´m too tired to correct mistakes right now.

By the way we are staying and a fantastic Hostel for only 15 Euros each (with our pilgrim acreditation). “Alojamiento Temporal Las Cabezas” is the name and it´s basically an appartment for 4 People with kitchen, a very nice bathroom and a terrace,so we could carry the bikes upstairs and leave them savely there.

The nasty bit of our track was a very very muddy path we drove directly into, just before Las Cabezas. We got totaly stuck and had to clean the bikes for 30 min before even been able to turn around and find another track. Pictures will follow;-)

So, we would love to get up earlier tomorrow………….

Big hugs and good night to everyone,


Jose and Bea


2 thoughts on “Las Cabezas de San Juan

  1. I’m loving the photos and your blog. Wow what an adventure!!! And the white towns are so pretty. Enjoy your trip and keep blogging! Xx

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