Figeac-Montredon 14/09/13

Today was a really lucky day… and a very lazy one, as well.

Despite the rainy weather forecast, we managed a pleasant morning, which slowed us in our tasks. Taking profit of the wireless of the camping, we took our time to do our first posting in ages and we ended up leaving the place past midday.
But Figeac was waiting for us with something out of my childhood dreams: a Rosetta Stone the size I had always imagined (until I saw it at the British Museum… biiiig dissapointment).


Walking around the town, Bea found a stall of handmade earrings. With Matthieu, the artist, we had a very inspiring chat about vegan cuisine and living in Martinique… could it be our next destination? He mentioned people doing the “tour of the Caribbean” so…


I also had my first visit to a hairdresser in AGES! But don’t worry dad, my beard is still hanging there! I just arranged it a little bit!

Anyway, enjoying the unexpected good weather, we decided to sit in a terrace and do our first trial with Couch Surfing. We found 2 possible hosts for the same day and the following one and headed towards Conques, a big challenge knowing it was well past 17h00 and we had over 40 Km to go… and the rain decided to show up and say hallo!
The road was actually much harded than expected and the day was getting darker by the minute. When the rain paused we stopped at Montredon to check our request and found out that our request for the night had not been accepted. With no house to go and still faaar away from Conques, we asked a neighbour for a place to setup our tent and got overwhelmed when he offered us to stay on his couch and take cover for the night and the coming rain.

Olivier and Sandrine, together with Ela, Maxime and Corentin, ended up being our first Couch Surfing hosts! A most pleasant and unexpected surprise that was very welcomed, as the hours passed and the rain gave a loooong speech.


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