The big Climb: 1000m and 5°C – 17/09/13

Wohohoho! This is getting serious!

Yesterday we had a tough time but it was great!
We went from St Come d’Olt to Nasbinals with our bikes full and the rain on our backs in a few stages. We had to go from 390m to 1325m. A climb of almost 1000m in a cool end-of-summer day (5 degrees… pretty cooooooool man!!)

We had slept in an albergue together with some other cyclists from Munich and Canada and other walkers from USA and England. Thank you all guys for your tips about the days to come and places to stay!


The views were pretty much farms and cows (the most beautiful cows in France, apparently). And just from time to time we would get to cross a farmer from the surroundings.



Anyway, after such a hard day, we thought it would be good to celebrate with the typical dish from the region: Aligot (mashed potatoes with garlic and cheese). DELICIOUS!!!


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