Kisses from Innsbruck!!!

Hello dear friends, how could I say this without sounding completely insane? Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Iiiiiiiinnsbruck!!! Yes, we finished (finished?) our travel! We reached Bea’s birthplace, and what a trip this one was. We left El Puerto de Santa Maria on 6/6/13 and it took us 130 days (we got here on Monday 14/10/13) and 4682 […]

The Arlberg Pass

So, this is it, the last challenge: The Arlberg Pass!!! After reviewing the situation, we decided to stay an extra evening in Bürs (2 in total), to avoid the adverse weather conditions of Saturday and allow longer time for the snow in the mountains to melt. With fresh energies, we left our friends Hannes and […]

And now what!?

Hi all! Beautiful day in Switzerland!! We have something we wanted to show you but first let us start from the beginning: We left our friends Leti, Guille and Nico in Zurich on Wednesday and headed towards Liechtenstein on a grey day. A bit of rain but nothing our equipment could not protect us from. […]


   Yes ladies and gentlemen, we ARE in Switzerland! New country, new driving rules… not that in France we had the feeling that the people were respecting them, but… Anyway, three days after leaving Besancon, and a couple of wild camping adventures, we reached Basle! Not even the rats at the French border could stop […]


After some rainy days on the road we decided to try our luck with Warm Showers again and we ended up here in Besancon with lovely Leslie, Amelie and her 2 cats.It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice here that we stayed another night. It´s a very nice town with a lot of green space and some Mountains/Hills […]