After some rainy days on the road we decided to try our luck with Warm Showers again and we ended up here in Besancon with lovely Leslie, Amelie and her 2 cImageats.It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice here that we stayed another night.

It´s a very nice town with a lot of green space and some Mountains/Hills around and a beautifull setting along the river Doubs.

To be honest a great place to stay for some time, as people are very special here and we imediatly felt at home.

It´s very late to say more , but that had to be sad before going to bed and after having spent an increible nice day with Leslie including a great cooking session at night and dinner with her great friens Isabelle et Sebastien, her daughter and friend.

Bonne nuit et a bientot




2 thoughts on “Besancon

  1. Merci de votre visite, vous êtes des voyageurs de la vie très très CHARMANTS, j’ai aussi vraiment beaucoup apprécié votre petite visite ! leslie

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