And now what!?

Hi all!

Beautiful day in Switzerland!!

We have something we wanted to show you but first let us start from the beginning:

We left our friends Leti, Guille and Nico in Zurich on Wednesday and headed towards Liechtenstein on a grey day. A bit of rain but nothing our equipment could not protect us from.

The bike roads in Switzerland are quite good, loads of signs and very well structured ( shows you all the infrastructure in the country and you can even plan your trip, see distances, profile, etc… thank you Sem for showing us).

So, back to normal touring days, we decided to ride about 60 Km. We looked for a camping in a small town by the lake but the only place we found was totally deserted and had the atmosphere of a ghost town (empty caravans parked here and there, brown leaves everywhere and the grumpy woman in charge guarding the place with 2 big hounds). Once she told us we had to pay 25 EUR for the night we decided to look for an alternative place and ended up here:


Not bad, eh!? We had to ride a bit to find the place but it was worth it.

The day after (yesterday) we were full of energy and ready to reach Buers (already in Austria). Nothing could stop us!!!


We had found a couple in Warm Showers that offered us a bed by them and with the temperatures getting colder we thought maybe we could get there 1 day earlier.

The route was beautiful! riding next to the lake you could see impresive landscapes with the lakes and the mountains surrounding it.

 DSC_0737 DSC_0749

However the weather was getting a bit rough and by the time we reached Sargans for lunch, the cold and the rain started to be pretty rough, so we decided to stop by the trainstation and eat our beanpaste sandwiches in front of people that looked at us with astonished regards:

– sorry, we are hungry and it rains!!

– No, I am NOT a taliban!!

– Don’t worry, I won’t pick your luggage… I have already a lot to charge!!

Anyway. By 3pm we realised we could not continue. The rain was too heavy and we did not know how far could we go, so we decided to look for a B&B and relax for the rest of the day.

What we did not expect was this:

IMG_4220 IMG_4221   DSC_0750

Snow in October! On the first half of October!!! Bei dir piepts wohl!!??

Anyway, this has disrrupted our plans. Instead of riding we are currently at the cousy luonge of our B&B writing the blog and skyping. The landlady says it should be gone by 11am.

To be honest, I don’t really know if it will be gone by then or not, the only thing I have clear in my head now is why cows are so hairy here!


Ok then, have to go! Big hugs to everyone and keep you posted!

Bea and Jose on the (snowy) road again!

One thought on “And now what!?

  1. Hi ihr süßen! Habe heute mal wieder bei euch vorbei geschaut und freue mich darüber, dass es euch gut geht.
    Die reise ar wohl doch etwas länger als vorgesehen! Schöne Bilder habt ihr gemacht.
    Ja,ja, der Schnee!, der war für heute in den Alpen angesagt worden. Aber mal nen paar Tage im Bett sind auch nicht so schlecht.
    Lässt mal was von euch hören, wenn ihr wieder angekommen seit.
    Viele liebe Küsschen

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