Kisses from Innsbruck!!!

Hello dear friends, how could I say this without sounding completely insane? Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Iiiiiiiinnsbruck!!!

IMG_4253 DSC_0862

Yes, we finished (finished?) our travel! We reached Bea’s birthplace, and what a trip this one was. We left El Puerto de Santa Maria on 6/6/13 and it took us 130 days (we got here on Monday 14/10/13) and 4682 Km to get here! Well, we must put this figure into context: we stayed in Santander 26 days and there have been quite a few stops along the way but hey, what the heck. WE ARE HERE!!


What can we say of the last day? We had everything with us: good weather, a flat ride from Zams and all the motivation we needed. It was a great day!

IMG_4252 DSC_0847 DSC_0850

There is a song that says something like this:

Ain’t no mountain high enough

ain’t is valley low enough

ain’t no river wide enough

to keep us from getting to Innsbruck

Was it not like this? Well, now it is!

Thank you all for your support during this fantastic days and do not leave us! This trip may have ended, but the journey has just begun. Kisses from Innsbruck!!!


2 thoughts on “Kisses from Innsbruck!!!

  1. A-WE-SO-ME!
    Je suis impressionner
    Me encanta que al final hayais acabado la primera etapa….

    So, the next step is going to be….? Ciclying…?

    I love you guys!

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