The Arlberg Pass

So, this is it, the last challenge: The Arlberg Pass!!!

After reviewing the situation, we decided to stay an extra evening in Bürs (2 in total), to avoid the adverse weather conditions of Saturday and allow longer time for the snow in the mountains to melt.



With fresh energies, we left our friends Hannes and Annelise on Sunday morning around 10am. Yes, we admit it, we are late riders. After all this time we have not managed to become early birds. Some say old habits die hard… we have tried but we reeeaaally like to enjoy our breakfasts :-p

With this spirit we started the 38 km ascension. Oh, I almost forget: this was Sun, 13/10/13. Nice date, eh!!??

The beginning was very relaxed. Nice mountain views and fresh wind. We thought everything would be fine, but the snow had some nasty surprises for us. The weigth of the snow had broken many trees and get through was not so easy at times…


And finally we got there. No easy route for us (Go Green, blue=lazy!!). Last-minute message to ensure someone could pick up our bodies and off we go.

IMG_4244   DSC_0838 

I hope you can see below the road going up and right… and that was just the beginning! But everything was fine. Look how happy Bea got when we reached TIROL!!

DSC_0842 IMG_4246

And what about this, her look when we finally reached the pick at 1800m. Nothing too high but coming from 570m in Bürs it was quite a ride!! There is happiness, pride… and exhaustion! Well done!!


Oh well, the end of the day where another 38 km goind DOOOOOOOWWWWWWN (my favourite part). The brakes were smoking hot when we finished the day but it was nice. We stayed in a little B&B in Zams and slept like little sheeps.

We leave you then with a view of the mountains from the pass. The next posting should be the final one: Innsbruck, here we go!!!


Bea and Jose

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