Merry Christmas

I was supossed to continue our stories of India in a chronological order and tell you about the crazyness of Delhi and the experiences in Rishikesh, but days pass faster than one can count or write and destiny has decided we should spend Christmas in this holy city. And I think it really is exactly […]

Checkpoint Dubai: Done!

    Dubai? What can you say about this place that nobody has said before? “I love it?”? That would be a lie… or two. First because in spite of being a very interesting place, it is defenitely NOT our dreamed place to live and second, because actually somebody told us today that he loved […]

Winter is coming? Not for us!

Well, I hope you did not think we would stop after reaching Innsbruck, eh? Yes, we took time to rest our lovely butts and to realize what we had just done (although I am not really sure if we actually realized it). We also needed some time to look for our next destination and plan (ahahahha, “PLAN”) […]