Winter is coming? Not for us!

Well, I hope you did not think we would stop after reaching Innsbruck, eh?

Yes, we took time to rest our lovely butts and to realize what we had just done (although I am not really sure if we actually realized it). We also needed some time to look for our next destination and plan (ahahahha, “PLAN”) our next adventure.

Well, the time is up! Tickets are booked, countries are chosen and we are leaving… in a few hours!!! Somethings never change ;-)

We are supposed to go to Munich Airport early morning, so note this: if you need to go from Innsbruck to Munchen Airport there is an alternative to the well known “4Seasons” airport taxi transfer. It is called Meinfernbus ( and for as little as 11€ (one way advanced booking) will take you there in 3 hours. Not bad, comparing to the 86€ return ticket from the taxi service! It won’t take you to your home door but it will cost you 60€ less!!!

Well, well, well! Now to the important stuff. Where do we go now? How long? Why?

We will depart today at 14h25: destination DUBAI! After a few days catching up with a goooooood old friend of ours we will continue towards INDIA, where we will spend the next 2 months practicing yoga and getting to know the country a bit more.

Next stop will be Hong Kong for 5 days!! Again visiting friend before we head towards an Euro-Oceanic wedding in Wellington, NEW ZEALAND!! Yuhuuuuu!!! We will take this opportunity to spend 6 weeks hanging around and enjoying the end of summer there, before starting our way back to Europe… But the trip is not over!

Next stop will be MELBOURNE, again visiting some friends… It’s great to know people who live abroad!!!! This is just a stop over so we will stay there for about a week before heading to SINGAPORE, where we will start the last part of our journey. We will travel by train through MALASIA and THAILAND until BANGKOK, where our plane will be awaiting for us 24 days later and will take us back to MUNICH on 30/04/14.

All in all, almost 5 months to recover from the -5 degrees we are currently having here in Innsbruck!

We have collected so many travel guides and we still have no clue what we will do while abroad. We are open to what the journey brings us and to your suggestions, so let us know your ideas and if we like them, have the time, the money… and the courage… we will try to do them!

Big hugs from the both of us and please, PLEASE, PLEEEAAASSSSEEE write us your comments, thoughts and ideas. In the past weeks, many friends told us they have been looking at the blog and it was so nice to know what we had done, but we never knew it because they did not tell us!! It is also very nice to receive messages from you too from time to time!

Thank you all and let the journey begin!

3 thoughts on “Winter is coming? Not for us!

  1. Bloody hell – that sounds like the trip to end all trips ;-).

    Travel safely, and make sure to keep us updated; your blog is something to keep you warm on a grey German winter’s day.

    Fingers crossed that the remainders of Xaver won’t prevent you to catch your flight – Hamburg is still shut down; we won’t even open our office there tomorrow because the flood prevents anyone to get anywhere anyway.

    But then, you boast a certain travel experience – you’ll make it!

    Greetings from Anna and Malu,

    all the best,


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