Best Wishes for 2014!!

Namaste! Hello hello everyone!

After a beautiful Christmas we write you a short message hoping you had a lovely ending of 2013, making sure you ate everything on your plates and did not waste much!!

This is a very short posting to inform you that for the next month we will be out of connection! As of tomorrow we will start our Yoga Teacher Training Course and will be secluded in an ashram in the middle of nowhere (but close to Trembak… around Nasik). A place full with snakes and mountains and supposed to be a very holy place (mainly for Shiva devotees).

We will be back to the world at the end of January. Until then, remember to follow your New Year resolutions and as someone told us recently: Remember the past but live in the present not thinking only about the future. Be always present, conscious about what you are doing at this precise moment and at the end of every day write a few sentences about what you lived. Acknowledge what happened and how you felt about it, learn the lesson and pass the page.

Big hugs for all of you and see you/read you/hear you SOON!

5 thoughts on “Best Wishes for 2014!!

  1. Muy feliz año mis amores!! Los extraño mucho y estoy muy orgullosa de todo lo que estan haciendo!! Millones de abrazos y besos!!!!

  2. Happy New Year to you both. May joy and love fill your hearts and good health be with you always. Love from your Aussie friends xx

  3. Hei chicos! Happy New Year!!! An amazing blog I’m reading here:) I really enjoy to know that you’re dooing good and that the tryp is going on with enormous satisfaction for both of you.. I wish you good luck and send you many kisses for the rest of your journey:) Very big hug from Javi!

  4. Hi all!!!
    Thank you all for your wishes!! We just got out of the course for our weekly day off but we are not sure we will have time to post something. The keyboards are full of dust and it is very hard to write just a couple of sentences (India!!!), maybe this is just a challenge to test our patience 😉
    Anyway, we’ll try our best. It not, we are alive and kicking!!
    Big hugs,

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