Day off!!!

Hallo, hallo, hallo!!!

Finally Saturday!!! I had forgotten the feeling you get at work when weekend arrives!!

Today we have our weekly day off and being the first time, the whole group decided to come to Nasik to check their emails/Facebook/news/blogs! That and buying enough snacks/toiletries for a week!!!

The Yoga course was recommended to us by Robert, our personal India travel-guide (remember the posting about Omkareshwar?) and it is proving to be another pearl in our travel. The surroundings and impressive, the classes are very interesting, the staff is very special (each teacher in its own way) and the food is just amazing. They advised us at the beginning of the course that we will loose weight… and I just cannot stop eating!!! Soooo delicious!!

Getting up at 5am is sometimes a little challenging but as we are supposed to keep silence from 10pm and we fall anyway into bed around this time (can you believe that knowing us????),  its not too bad.

And you can not imagine how nice it is to do your 2 hours Asana Class  early in the morning and just when we finish the Surianamaskar (Sun Salutation) the sun is coming out 🙂

Here is a link to their website:

This course is highly recommendable, connected to the Bihar School and with an  Ayurveda Hospital we benefit from a lot of practical examples. Also, for all who have already a TTC, the therapeutic TTC seems to be very interesting too (maybe the next time in India for us? 🙂

Tomorrow we will have our first Asana Exam, so dear friends and family, we still have some learning and practicing to do and as Ashram life is busy it’s our last chance to do it today.

Or maybe we take the opportunity to get a little cafe down the road before the Ashram Taxi takes us back to the center at 6pm 😉 Oh, Robert, what was your famous quote: “Bea, do you reaaaally need it”? The food in the ashram is mainly vegan (with small exceptions visible  for everybody), ayurvedic and cooked with so much love. But of course no coffein, no black tea, and little sugar only, so on a day like this, indulgence and cravings come into mind!

Oh, we have a couple of pictures to include in this posting but technology is limited so we will have to wait a bit. Maybe next time I am able to edit the posting and include them. Until then… Loads of love!!!

Hari Ohm!!!



One thought on “Day off!!!

  1. Salut,
    Your Asian trip sounds amazing and full of surprises…Enjoy it as much as possible! Carpe Diem!!!
    Could you please, if possible, post a map of India to show us your journey highlighting the places where you stay because I did not really get where you are based at the moment…Thanks!

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