Magnificent Ellora


I know what you may be thinking… Is this right? They are posting pictures of India now but… are they still there?

Well, the truth is that we had to cut our trip short and fly back to Austria at the beginning of April, but that is another story that we will tell later and anyway, there are many places we saw and have not mentioned yet, so why not start with one of the most amazing places we have seen in India?

I have been talking to some friends and they all think we suffered sooo much in this country. Always mentioning the lack of hygiene and the shocking circumstances we had to endure in our trip… well. let me tell you that it was definitely not that way. We have fully enjoyed our trip and seen some incredible places and just as an example, here are some images of the Ellora Caves.

This place is close to Aurangabad and it is just a pearl of architecture and history. I won’t tell you much but have a look at the pictures and remember one thing: every wall, column or statue that you see there is just part of 1 SINGLE PIECE. Yes, this place was not built, it was carved in the stones of a cliff!!! There are in total 34 caves that were dig (some of them simultaneously) during the 6th to 11th century by monks from 3 different religions (Jain, Buddhist and Hindu).

Big hugs and enjoy the pics!

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