Kisses from Innsbruck!!!

Hello dear friends, how could I say this without sounding completely insane? Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Iiiiiiiinnsbruck!!!

IMG_4253 DSC_0862

Yes, we finished (finished?) our travel! We reached Bea’s birthplace, and what a trip this one was. We left El Puerto de Santa Maria on 6/6/13 and it took us 130 days (we got here on Monday 14/10/13) and 4682 Km to get here! Well, we must put this figure into context: we stayed in Santander 26 days and there have been quite a few stops along the way but hey, what the heck. WE ARE HERE!!


What can we say of the last day? We had everything with us: good weather, a flat ride from Zams and all the motivation we needed. It was a great day!

IMG_4252 DSC_0847 DSC_0850

There is a song that says something like this:

Ain’t no mountain high enough

ain’t is valley low enough

ain’t no river wide enough

to keep us from getting to Innsbruck

Was it not like this? Well, now it is!

Thank you all for your support during this fantastic days and do not leave us! This trip may have ended, but the journey has just begun. Kisses from Innsbruck!!!


The Arlberg Pass

So, this is it, the last challenge: The Arlberg Pass!!!

After reviewing the situation, we decided to stay an extra evening in Bürs (2 in total), to avoid the adverse weather conditions of Saturday and allow longer time for the snow in the mountains to melt.



With fresh energies, we left our friends Hannes and Annelise on Sunday morning around 10am. Yes, we admit it, we are late riders. After all this time we have not managed to become early birds. Some say old habits die hard… we have tried but we reeeaaally like to enjoy our breakfasts :-p

With this spirit we started the 38 km ascension. Oh, I almost forget: this was Sun, 13/10/13. Nice date, eh!!??

The beginning was very relaxed. Nice mountain views and fresh wind. We thought everything would be fine, but the snow had some nasty surprises for us. The weigth of the snow had broken many trees and get through was not so easy at times…


And finally we got there. No easy route for us (Go Green, blue=lazy!!). Last-minute message to ensure someone could pick up our bodies and off we go.

IMG_4244   DSC_0838 

I hope you can see below the road going up and right… and that was just the beginning! But everything was fine. Look how happy Bea got when we reached TIROL!!

DSC_0842 IMG_4246

And what about this, her look when we finally reached the pick at 1800m. Nothing too high but coming from 570m in Bürs it was quite a ride!! There is happiness, pride… and exhaustion! Well done!!


Oh well, the end of the day where another 38 km goind DOOOOOOOWWWWWWN (my favourite part). The brakes were smoking hot when we finished the day but it was nice. We stayed in a little B&B in Zams and slept like little sheeps.

We leave you then with a view of the mountains from the pass. The next posting should be the final one: Innsbruck, here we go!!!


Bea and Jose

Bürs – Mushroom time! Tiempo de setas!

This posting is dedicated to Annelise and Hannes, our fantastic warmshower-hosts in Bürs!

This adventurous couple just arrived home after 4 years (I REPEAT: 4 YEARS) travelling around the world… of course by bike!

Thanks to them, we had a chance to visit the town…

DSC_0808 DSC_0810

go mushroom-hunting…

DSC_0791 DSC_0799 IMG_4234

…and spent 2 great evenings with them!!


We hope the hot-hot-hot curry did not give you “after-effects”!

Thanks a lot guys!

Bea and Jose

Sargans (CH)-Bürs (A)

We did it!

Sorry for the late update after the dramatic pictures but yes, we managed to drive through the early snows in “der Schweiz”. And what a day it was! Beautiful white fields and a nice bicycle road just for us (who else would be crazy enough to drive with this weather!!).

DSC_0757 DSC_0753

On this day we rode around 70 Km, enough to go through 3 countries (Switzerland, Liechtenstein and Austria). Yes, this means we are already in Austria, our destination land.  The picture below is from Feldkirch… but you could easily say it is Innsbruck.



But no, for Innsbruck we still need a few more kms. So let’s eat something, reach Bürs and have a rest to get ready for the big deal: THE ARLBERG PASS.

DSC_0772 IMG_4227

And now what!?

Hi all!

Beautiful day in Switzerland!!

We have something we wanted to show you but first let us start from the beginning:

We left our friends Leti, Guille and Nico in Zurich on Wednesday and headed towards Liechtenstein on a grey day. A bit of rain but nothing our equipment could not protect us from.

The bike roads in Switzerland are quite good, loads of signs and very well structured ( shows you all the infrastructure in the country and you can even plan your trip, see distances, profile, etc… thank you Sem for showing us).

So, back to normal touring days, we decided to ride about 60 Km. We looked for a camping in a small town by the lake but the only place we found was totally deserted and had the atmosphere of a ghost town (empty caravans parked here and there, brown leaves everywhere and the grumpy woman in charge guarding the place with 2 big hounds). Once she told us we had to pay 25 EUR for the night we decided to look for an alternative place and ended up here:


Not bad, eh!? We had to ride a bit to find the place but it was worth it.

The day after (yesterday) we were full of energy and ready to reach Buers (already in Austria). Nothing could stop us!!!


We had found a couple in Warm Showers that offered us a bed by them and with the temperatures getting colder we thought maybe we could get there 1 day earlier.

The route was beautiful! riding next to the lake you could see impresive landscapes with the lakes and the mountains surrounding it.

 DSC_0737 DSC_0749

However the weather was getting a bit rough and by the time we reached Sargans for lunch, the cold and the rain started to be pretty rough, so we decided to stop by the trainstation and eat our beanpaste sandwiches in front of people that looked at us with astonished regards:

– sorry, we are hungry and it rains!!

– No, I am NOT a taliban!!

– Don’t worry, I won’t pick your luggage… I have already a lot to charge!!

Anyway. By 3pm we realised we could not continue. The rain was too heavy and we did not know how far could we go, so we decided to look for a B&B and relax for the rest of the day.

What we did not expect was this:

IMG_4220 IMG_4221   DSC_0750

Snow in October! On the first half of October!!! Bei dir piepts wohl!!??

Anyway, this has disrrupted our plans. Instead of riding we are currently at the cousy luonge of our B&B writing the blog and skyping. The landlady says it should be gone by 11am.

To be honest, I don’t really know if it will be gone by then or not, the only thing I have clear in my head now is why cows are so hairy here!


Ok then, have to go! Big hugs to everyone and keep you posted!

Bea and Jose on the (snowy) road again!

Basel-Zurich in a day?

So, the answer to the question everybody was waiting for:
YES, we did it!
After 138 km and 12 hours, we found our friends place!
We left Basel late (around 9am) but we got a good speed and the weather was not as bad as forecasted. The valley roads were very good and the bike signs in Switzerland are VERY good.
We had planned to make it in 8 hours with 15 km average speed and we did it like that. But then we realised we were on the other side of the city and we needed an extra hour to cross Zurich!
We will stay here a couple of days more to fix our stuff before heading towards the big mountains and to celebrate Leti’s birthday.
Big hugs to everyone and talk to you soon!!
Bea and Jose


IMG_4178 DSC_0674 DSC_0681

Yes ladies and gentlemen, we ARE in Switzerland! New country, new driving rules… not that in France we had the feeling that the people were respecting them, but…

Anyway, three days after leaving Besancon, and a couple of wild camping adventures, we reached Basle! Not even the rats at the French border could stop us… and there were so many that Bea had to hide from them!!

DSC_0670 DSC_0668 DSC_0663

We arrived a bit late but we had the opportunity to stay at a warmshower-friend: Sem. THANK YOU!! (We are actually writing this post from his computer)
Our next destination: Zurich. Will we be able to do it in a single day? 120 Km, rain in the forecast and a few mountains left and right… we will let you know.

Until then, big hugs from Bea and Jose.


After some rainy days on the road we decided to try our luck with Warm Showers again and we ended up here in Besancon with lovely Leslie, Amelie and her 2 cImageats.It was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo nice here that we stayed another night.

It´s a very nice town with a lot of green space and some Mountains/Hills around and a beautifull setting along the river Doubs.

To be honest a great place to stay for some time, as people are very special here and we imediatly felt at home.

It´s very late to say more , but that had to be sad before going to bed and after having spent an increible nice day with Leslie including a great cooking session at night and dinner with her great friens Isabelle et Sebastien, her daughter and friend.

Bonne nuit et a bientot




The big Climb: 1000m and 5°C – 17/09/13

Wohohoho! This is getting serious!

Yesterday we had a tough time but it was great!
We went from St Come d’Olt to Nasbinals with our bikes full and the rain on our backs in a few stages. We had to go from 390m to 1325m. A climb of almost 1000m in a cool end-of-summer day (5 degrees… pretty cooooooool man!!)

We had slept in an albergue together with some other cyclists from Munich and Canada and other walkers from USA and England. Thank you all guys for your tips about the days to come and places to stay!


The views were pretty much farms and cows (the most beautiful cows in France, apparently). And just from time to time we would get to cross a farmer from the surroundings.



Anyway, after such a hard day, we thought it would be good to celebrate with the typical dish from the region: Aligot (mashed potatoes with garlic and cheese). DELICIOUS!!!